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All items are made to order
Delivery between 4 to 6 weeks
Complimentary worldwide UPS carbon neutral shipping
Taxes and custom duties included within the EU
Additional import fees may apply for your country
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Rier is built on meaningful collaborations. The brand has developed a human-scale network of family run businesses, small factories and local communities in the alpine region of South Tyrol, supporting their integration into the contemporary fashion system, build an equitable and transparent supply chain. All items are manufactured on “made to order” basis to prevent overproduction and landfill by making timeless quality its core value. Each item is manufactured according to authentic savoir-faire by craftsmen in their original location.

Walker jacket flowers ivory_01 Walker jacket flowers ivory_02
Walker jacket flowers ivory €1.050,00
Walker gilet flowers ivory_01 Walker gilet flowers ivory_02
Walker gilet flowers ivory €950,00
Walker jacket crop flowers ivory_01 Walker jacket crop flowers ivory_02
Walker jacket crop flowers ivory €950,00
Walker gilet crop flowers ivory_01 Walker gilet crop flowers ivory_02
Walker gilet crop flowers ivory €850,00
Walker skirt flowers ivory_01 Walker skirt flowers ivory_02
Walker skirt flowers ivory €750,00
Keyholder necklace trapeze_01 Keyholder necklace trapeze_02
Keyholder necklace trapeze €450,00
Rain boots treebark_01 Rain boots treebark_02
Rain boots treebark €980,00
Classic coat grey_01 Classic coat grey_02
Classic coat grey €1.650,00
Tunic overcoat moss_01 Tunic overcoat moss_02
Tunic overcoat moss €1.250,00
Wrap skirt hazelnut_01 Wrap skirt hazelnut_02
Wrap skirt hazelnut €750,00
Shirt popeline hazelnut_01 Shirt popeline hazelnut_02
Shirt popeline hazelnut €420,00
Walker jacket grey_01 Walker jacket grey_02
Walker jacket grey €800,00
Walker gilet grey_01 Walker gilet grey_02
Walker gilet grey €750,00
Keyholder necklace cut out_01 Keyholder necklace cut out_02
Keyholder necklace cut out €570,00
Field boots black_01 Field boots black_02
Field boots black €780,00
Fleece ivory_01 Fleece ivory_02
Fleece ivory €800,00
Fleece granit_01 Fleece granit_02
Fleece granit €800,00
Fleece tabac_01 Fleece tabac_02
Fleece tabac €800,00
Fleece red_01 Fleece red_02
Fleece red €800,00
Loden coat stone_01 Loden coat stone_02
Loden coat stone €1.750,00
Walker gilet crop ivory_01 Walker gilet crop ivory_02
Walker gilet crop ivory €680,00
Walker skirt ivory_01 Walker skirt ivory_02
Walker skirt ivory €620,00
Walker jacket crop treebark_01 Walker jacket crop treebark_02
Walker jacket crop treebark €720,00
Walker gilet crop treebark_01 Walker gilet crop treebark_02
Walker gilet crop treebark €680,00
Walker skirt treebark_01 Walker skirt treebark_02
Walker skirt treebark €620,00
Loden coat treebark_01 Loden coat treebark_02
Loden coat treebark €1.750,00
Fleece mustard_01 Fleece mustard_02
Fleece mustard €800,00
Fleece treebark_01 Fleece treebark_02
Fleece treebark €800,00
Fleece jacket treebark_01 Fleece jacket treebark_02
Fleece jacket treebark €920,00
Trousers corduroy hazelnut_01 Trousers corduroy hazelnut_02
Trousers corduroy hazelnut €750,00
Keyholder necklace braid_01 Keyholder necklace braid_02
Keyholder necklace braid €520,00
Sakko tyrol flowers_01 Sakko tyrol flowers_02
Sakko tyrol flowers €1.950,00
Loden coat forest_01 Loden coat forest_02
Loden coat forest €1.750,00
Fleece forest_01 Fleece forest_02
Fleece forest €800,00
Fleece black_01 Fleece black_02
Fleece black €800,00
Fleece jacket black_01 Fleece jacket black_02
Fleece jacket black €920,00
Shirt luxury stripe_01 Shirt luxury stripe_02
Shirt luxury stripe €700,00
Trousers corduroy black_01 Trousers corduroy black_02
Trousers corduroy black €750,00
Loden coat black_01 Loden coat black_02
Loden coat black €1.750,00
Walker coat black_01 Walker coat black_02
Walker coat black €900,00
Walker jacket black_01 Walker jacket black_02
Walker jacket black €800,00
Walker gilet black_01 Walker gilet black_02
Walker gilet black €750,00
Heritage coat ebane_01 Heritage coat ebane_02
Heritage coat ebane €1.750,00
Dress flowers black_01 Dress flowers black_02
Dress flowers black €960,00
Top flowers treebark_01 Top flowers treebark_02
Top flowers treebark €830,00
Shorts flowers treebark_01 Shorts flowers treebark_02
Shorts flowers treebark €780,00
Walker coat flowers_01 Walker coat flowers_02
Walker coat flowers €1.250,00
Walker jacket flowers_01 Walker jacket flowers_02
Walker jacket flowers €1.050,00
Walker gilet flowers_01 Walker gilet flowers_02
Walker gilet flowers €950,00
Walker skirt flowers_01 Walker skirt flowers_02
Walker skirt flowers €750,00
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