The alpine regions throughout Austria, Suedtirol, Italy and Bavaria offer a lot of hidden and undiscovered potential - small family-run businesses with historic production methods underpin Rier’s collections.
Rier went on a mission to seek ethical supply chains locally. Finding a lot of potential in various alpine regions where small family-run businesses operate with highly skilled labour, developed over family generations. Artisans at heart they are a guarantee of what has been preduced over time, the heritage and DNA these manufacturers bring and which have grown on their passion and craftsmanship. Though few have also suffered with globalisation and fashion brand internationalisation seeing less demand for their work and limited ability to develop a network in the industry and to acquire outside interests. 
Changing fashion trends, short product life cycles, fierce competition from low labour-cost countries have impacted the industry of traditional business models. Rier values these businesses, their people and has already created some strong linkages with local suppliers, seeing this as an opportunity worth exploring to strengthen and differentiate the brand. Sharing the same purpose and common objective of safeguarding this small craftsmanship and and to preserve their historical production methods and processes Rier found valuable partners and created a small network to support small factories and family run businesses in local communities throughout the alpine area and to support their integration into the contemporary fashion system. The historic artisan know how infuse authenticity and high-end quality into the collections pieces. From the production of Loden to old handmade production methods such as Federkielstickerei (peacock feather embroidery) or handmade knitwear.
Putting quality above profit, generating value for local communities whilst ensuring continuity in a sustainable supply chain.