How to clean fleece
Conveniently, fleece items are durable, so it is generally safe to wash in a washing machine. Just follow these three simple steps to clean your fleece items.
- Spot-treat any visible stains with stain-removing treatment
- Turn your items inside-out and wash your fleece items on the gentle cycle using cold water.
- If you choose to dry your garment, set your dryer to its lowest setting and remove the item promptly once the cycle is finished. Note: You can also hand wash your fleece items using mild detergent and cold water.
How to care for fleece
While fleece is generally durable and easy to care for, there are some things to keep in mind when cleaning fleece so that you don’t damage your items. Fabric softener and fleece should never go together. When washing fleece, avoid using fabric softeners and bleach on your fleece items to ensure they last. Fleece is much more susceptible to pilling it is exposed to heat. It’s important to never iron your fleece or expose it to a hot dryer or a hot water cycle while washing.