Are all easy-to-maintain materials.

Most odours disappear simply by airing. Just hang up the jacket in a well ventilated place and wait for the odours to disappear.
Coarse dirt
Allow coarse dirt to dry at normal room temperature and then brush off with a soft clothes brush. Loden can additionally be ironed (two-star setting); this flattens the wool fibres and gives the fabric its original water-repellent function. The effect can be amplified by additionally using a moist ironing cloth. If odours and soiling cannot be removed as described above, we recommend professional cleaning, Please also be sure to observe the care instructions in each product.
Washing Walker
Wash the walker gently by hand with liquid detergent in cold or lukewarm water. Do not use fabric softener. Do not scrub, spin-dry or wring the material. Then leave to dry slowly in a hanging or flat position at room temperature without direct sunlight.
Washing Denim
Spot cleaning denim is as simple as dapping a soapy cloth on the fabric. Work from the inside out, if possible, and put down a clean cloth to work on so the rest of the coat doesn't get wet. If stains are more stubborn, gently brush the stain with an old toothbrush soaked in soap or a dab of detergent.
If it's more than just a small stain, hand washing your denim coat is the next best thing to spot cleaning. With just a dollop of basic detergent, soak your coat in cold water. Wait an hour and rinse with more cold water before letting the coat dry on its own.
Washing Loden
Loden does not normally need to be washed; its dirt and odour-repellent qualities actually make this unnecessary. But if you really need to wash your loden clothing, be sure to handle the material as gently as possible. Woolen fabrics are fulled by moist heat an mechanical motion. This causes the fabric to shrink and become felted creating a loden material. If a loden material is washed in warm water (moist heat), spin-dried, wrung out or scrubbed (mechanical motion), the material can shrink and become even more felted. Rier discourages washing the material and accepts no liability for failed washing attempts.
But if you still want to wash your loden clothing, please observe the following:
Following details are provided without warranty
Wash the loden in a washing machine using a wool program in cold water and wool detergent; do not spin dry. Allow the washed, wet loden to dry slowly in a hanging or flat position at room temperature without direct sunlight. To speed up the drying process, the loden can be carefully pressed with a cloth (do not wring) after washing. The loden can then be ironed (two-star position). This flattens the wool fibres again improving the material's water-repellent properties. The effect can be amplified using a moist ironing cloth.