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RIER was established in 2018, based on a long research of different craftsmen, artisans, small family run businesses and various fabric suppliers throughout Austria, Italy and France. The focus is on natural materials, timeless quality, handcrafted items and a completely unisex wardrobe available from XXS to XXL.

Timelessness takes a central role in the brand’s sales and production strategy. In respect of nature and a more conscious consumer behaviour, all designs have to respect longevity, aesthetically and quality wise.

“It’s more about evolution than design.”

 RIER stylistically builds on a foundation that is in constant exchange between historical aesthetics from the South Tyrolean countryside lifestyle and the contemporary urban environment. The appreciation for nature, heritage and savoir-faire take a central role in the working process of RIER, while pushing boundaries in gender equality and the disruption of traditional codes.

The heritage classic items refer to the love and appreciation for incredible artisans and small family run businesses throughout Austria, South Tyrol and northern Italy. RIER’s aim is to safeguard the incredible knowhow and technical skills. It’s important to speak about heritage and not tradition, because the disruption of tradition plays a central role in the creative process of RIER. It’s about rebellion, a silent one, a slow one.

"I love the freedom of disrupting traditions and conferring a new and free spirited mindset to this historical items, shifting them in time and location between city and countryside."


Owner and founder is Andreas Steiner, born 1985 in the South Tyrolean Alps, Italy. Steiner studied in Milan and London - before working for Prada and Louis Vuitton.

Growing up in the Dolomite mountain landscape has formed him strongly starting from a very young age. Living with nature and the respect towards nature became very soon a crucial point for Steiner, that he preserved when moving to Milan at age 19, to pursue his education in Fashion Design.
Steiner speaks four languages fluently, being brought up in a bilingual autonome border region with Austro-Hungarian roots and nowadays part of Italy.
Steiner has always challenged the status-quo in his work, less designwise but with a deeper reasearch in finding a balance between a conscious production process and modern consumer behaviour. Very soon it became clear that local productions and small family run businesses are the center of this process and the goal to saveguard historic savoir-faire while moving aesthetics forward.
“I am always driven by reality and the understanding of values that a garment can bring into a person’s life. Radical simplicity as an attitude and no compromise in quality, as well as an equitable supplychain are crucial for the future of high end luxury products.”

All materials are natural and respect the highest standards from ready to wear to made to measure fabrics, high quality production and full transparency in work ethics and material sourcing.

"Can wool be a symbol of rebellion in the contemporary industry of mass production and fast fashion?"

For RIER the answer is YES.