Safeguard small craftsmanship

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The alpine regions throughout Austria, South Tyrol and northern Italy offer a lot of hidden and undiscovered potential. Small family-run businesses with historic production methods underpin Rier's collections.

Sharing the same purpose and common objective of safeguarding these small craftsmanship and to preserve their historical production methods Rier found valuable partners and created a small network to support small factories and family run businesses in local communities throughout the alpine area.

The historic artisan know-how infuse authenticity and high-end quality into the collections pieces.


Federkielstickerei | Peacock feather embroidery
Historically imported from India, this ancient technique found new flourishing soil in a remote Tyrolean valley. In June the male peacock looses its feathers and this is when local artisans start collecting and transforming them into highly decorated ornaments, placed on parts of the traditional costume and other small leather goods.


Rier is working with historical woodprints and hand printed designs that can be used to print on cotton, linen and silk.

Handmade shoes
Safeguard the heritage and unique savoir-faire of small Italian shoemakers. This includes handmade shoes with rare finishings such as goodyear welting, norwegian and reverse stitch, patina colorations and many more.