Wool as a solution

 Wool has always taken an essential role in the alpine wardrobe.
For Rier the focus is on historical wool fabrics and modern silhouettes, created by Austrian craftsmen.
It is possibly the oldest fibre known to humans with rediscovered qualities:
Wool is naturally wind and water repellent, it regulates the body temperature to keep the body warm in winter and cool during summer time. The material feels soft and light to the wearer, it resists wrinkles and due to its natural crimp it keeps the original shape.
This iconic Austiran fabric is the perfect solution for a conscious yet luxurious approach towards a high quality wardrobe. Today various suppliers offer an incredible selection of stockservice colorations, different weights and qualities. The Loden is a naturally water and wind repellent fabric, today available in finest yarns made out of Merino, Alpaca and Cashmere wools. Rier is working on exclusive collaborations that provide handpainted weavings or exclusive “zero-kilometer productions” with fabric supply as well as garment manufacturing in the same region. 
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Documents date back to Middle Age, when this great material was official ordered for the first time in Austria. Woven like a knitwear, than felted like a Loden, this is how the material gets its light weight and natural stretch.  Consisting 100% of wool, cleans itself when hanged outside during the night. When washed no microplastics will reach the water and ecosystems as the material is completely biodegradable. This iconic jacket is silent in movement and was therefore beloved by hunters at the time. It keeps warm and doesn’t wrinkle
 Conventional fleece-pile garments are made out of 100% synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon, even if “recycled” these are forms of microplastic that get washed everyday into the ecosystem. Therefore Rier only uses a 100% natural wool fleece-pile that needs to be less washed in the first place and only releases biodegradable microfibres.