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Rier says no to microplastic

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Synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon are forms of microplastic that get washed everyday into the ecosystem.
Rier therefore only uses 100% natural materials.
Biodegradable materials
As plastic usage has inevitably penetrated into our everyday life with consequences for the environment and human health Rier is focusing on limiting its use in its business processes. Working against a polyester-fuelled industry and minimising the impact of microfibre pollution Rier is working exclusively with substitute fabrics and natural materials that can either biodegrade or be recycled.
 gegen mikroplastik, nachhaltige mode, faire kleidung, kein plastik, ozeane plastikfrei 
Sustainable supply chain
Using only 100% natural materials such as wool and cotton together with a sustainable supply chain and manufacturing process allows to present a collection that focuses on high quality, authenticity and longevity.
Conventional fleece-pile garments typically are made out of 100% synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon. Even if “recycled” these are forms of microplastic that get washed everyday into the ecosystem.
Natural wool fleece-pile
Rier therefore uses a 100% natural wool fleece-pile that needs to be less washed in the first place and only releases biodegradable microfibres.
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